My love crush for KarmaWeather, by Paris la douce


By Paris la Douce
March 26, 2015

Your Daily Karma & Chinese compatibility on your iPhone

I don't know about you, but without being an absolute follower, I have a guilty pleasure that I can't deprive myself under any circumstances: read my horoscope. If possible while eating Nutella with a spoon to be quite in tune. My sign isn't the most glamorous, Capricorn, a goat with a fish tail, a goat that thinks it's a siren, so I'm saved by Chinese astrology and my great Fire Dragon. Admit that it rocks contrary to the other sign. If every year during the Chinese New Year, we are entitled to a full review of our coming year according to the Asian zodiac, which is mainly based on lunar cycles, it's rare to find weekly or daily forecasts apart from Western astrology. You dreamed it, Konbi did it! KarmaWeather is a free iPhone application dedicated to the Chinese horoscope, karmic weather and compatibility calculation between you and your friends, colleagues, lovers or targets. Who just said especially for targets??? It's summer time, you're hot? Let's check it out!

To begin with, KarmaWeather allows to get to know and discover one's own karmic cycle and all its totems like colors, which helps to find the dress or bathing suit, planet, plants, cities, gemstone, organ. The app lets you follow the evolution of your weekly karma for free. There's an in-app purchase plan for hourly karmic readings. Chinese astrology in two clicks, daily monitoring on your favorite smartphone in the form of simple curves and percentages indicating the positive moments of your week. The calculations are based on various developments of the Chinese horoscope, the five elements and Feng Shui. I can easily confess that I got so taken by the game that I recently refused to leave home because KarmaWeather gave me a terrible forecast on that evening. Well what? In Rome, the future of the Empire was being decided on the smelly guts of poultry. The application being fully interactive, we can share the results on social networks. Ideal to convince your friends to come for dinner.

Love, friendship, professional relations, the app lets you take the temperature before setting an appointment. In everyday life, it helps determining the conducive moments, both to yourself but also with others. Will the contract be signed? Am I going to capsize his heart with those green shoes? Playful, KarmaWeather offers the opportunity to compare your own karma with your loved ones' karma, establishing natural compatibility between the signs and elements. I imagine so well this application in speed-dating - does it still exist?

- what does it mean ?

- That you worship me at 85%, but at 35% I can't stand the sight of you.

Well actually, this one I did it for real to an ex, which really made me take off. In your face! I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it, you know! So there, for illustration, some screenshots. You can note that my sister can't stand me - small camel! - I get along very well with my girlfriend Clelia - nice balance of inclinations - and Monsieur likes me more than I do, however we should spend a good week together. I feel so powerful after I saw that. Who rules the world? Girls! If by next month I'm single again, you'll know why. I am annoyingly pushy!

It really becomes frantic for your slumber parties, as you can also calculate your compatibility with famous people. The top 20 is free and the in-app purchase option gives you access to more than 800 actors, celebrities, writers, musicians, athletes. Unless you add your favorite celebs as new contacts in your iPhone, with their name and date of birth. I can already see myself this week advertising on Facebook and Twitter, that me and Michael Fassbender are made one for the other. Anyway, we knew that, right? Big day on Monday, as you can see. And I'm a friend of animals, so I took the liberty to check if, karmically speaking, his Highness Edgar the Beautiful, loved claw master, would soon disembowel trash, shred a new area of he sofa or vomit on my new Converse shoes, one of his great passions. The answer is yes, red alert next Tuesday!

KarmaWeather is both rigorous in its calculations based on an ancestral art, and definitely fun to use, could be the hit of the Summer on your iPhone. Hesitate no more, it's time to be seduced by Chinese astrology. I look forward you to tell me your experiences in the comments. Get hold of your iPhone!

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